Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dinosaur Party!

My little boy loves dinosaurs, so we threw him a dinosaur birthday party! It's the first time I've thrown a themed party and I was pretty pleased with how it went. Here's how the food looked:

I made little name dots for all the cups so everyone would be able to keep track of which one was theirs. Normally I just have a sharpie on hand to write the names on.

I also created little tags for the food for a bit of fun! The dinosaur lollies went very quickly; it's just as well that I bought three bags of them.

For games the kids made dinosaurs out of paper plates and we had pass-the-box (our cheats version of pass-the-parcel where each kid can get a toy out of the box).

And then of course, when everyone left they got a lolly bag!

 RAWR! Has anyone else thrown a dinosaur party before? What did you do?

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